Chestnut Fencing Stakes and Strainers

We can provide chestnut stakes, straining posts and struts for both chestnut fencing or wire netting. Our standard sizes are 1.5m, 1.68m and 1.8m long, mixed intermediates with tops of 100mm.  We can also provide fencing stakes to your specifications whether cleft or sawn.



                                            Tree Shelter Stakes           

Our tree shelter stakes come in bundles of 25, with standard sizes 0.9m, 1.05m and 1.2m long and an average cross section of approx. 25mm x 25mm. 

The stakes are sawn from dry timber to prevent warping and cone pointed to ensure easy shelter erection.

Our tree shelter stakes are hardwood requiring no pressure treatment and have minimal knots, they are also hand sorted so we can ensure almost zero breakages as a result!


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